Computer Repairs

Is your laptop running slow? Does your laptop freeze up? Is your laptop experiencing blue screens of death? Let San Marcos Computers clean up your hard drive and restore your laptop to working condition. An expert San Marcos Computer Technician will analyze your laptop software and determine what computer programs or processes are causing your computer problems. A San Marcos Computer technician will then clean up any unnecessary files, programs and processes and restore your computer system back to proper working condition. Then a San Marcos Computers Technician will physically clean your laptop, removing dust and dirt, restoring the airflow your laptop needs to stay cool.

Laptop Tune-Up Special includes the following services:

Scan hard drive & repair errors
Test RAM
Scan registry & repair errors
Delete unwanted programs & applications
Delete temporary system & application files
Delete browsing history & cookies
Remove unwanted startup programs
Remove unwanted toolbars from web browsers
Remove BHOs from web browser
Disable unwanted system services
Scan and remove viruses, malware & rootkits
Check & repair file system
Install latest Windows service pack
Install latest Windows updates
Update or install anti-virus software
Update drivers
Update vulnerable software : Adobe Air, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Silverlight, Oracle Java
Defragment Hard Drive
Set paging system file size
Clean computer chassis and of any dust
Clean monitor of any fingerprints
Clean keyboard of any debris

Laptop Tune Ups are performed i

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