WE REPAIR ALL Laptop Brands and Models. Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Call us at 443-383-5099, or Contact us to book your Laptop repair appointment in Columbia, Owings Mills, Maryland today!

Our certified Technicians are ready to help you with all your Laptop Repair. BHT Computers Technicians in Columbia, Owings Mills, Maryland have repaired tens of thousands of computers. Laptops allow you to do your work at your own convenience even when you are not in office or school. Laptops add flexibility and any where, anytime access to your work. If anything goes wrong with a laptop, it is hard to get the laptop repaired quickly and repaired at competitive prices.

Laptop Virus, Operating system, Motherboard Repair and More

Having Virus issues? Accidently pulled out a USB thumb drive or yanked that charger to hard or to quickly? Maybe there was an accidental spill of water that got all over the laptop? We at LapFix specialize in motherboard repair. Unlike most places, we solder, replace, and fix common motherboard issues such as a bad USBs, Liquid Spills, DC Power Jack replacements, Sticky Keyboards, Palm Rest replacements etc. Whatever it may be, we can get it done

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